Hours & Pricing

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Hours & Pricing

Hours of Operation

Hours are as follows:
Mon-Sat 8:00 a.m.- 11:00 p.m.
Sundays Open
For urgent or emergency inspections on long weekends, an additional fee of $200.00 will be required; please call to discuss further.

Home Inspection Pricing

Home Inspection pricing is as follows (taxes included based on market values below):
PriceMarket Value
$450 Single dwelling up to 3999 sqft and under 1M
$600 Single dwelling between 4000 & 4,999 sqft under 1M
$800 Single dwelling 5000-7,999 & under 1M
$800 Single dwelling Any square footage between 1-2M
$1,000 Single dwelling 8,000-10,000 sqft under 3M
$1,200 Single dwelling less than 10,000 sqft over 3M
$1,500 Single dwelling 10,000+ sqft any market value
$550.00 Duplex
$600.00 Duplex with In-law
$650.00 Triplex
$700.00 Triplex with In-law
$700.00 Fourplex
$750.00 Fourplex with In-law
$800.00 Fiveplex
$850.00 Fiveplex with In-law

Thermal Imaging Pricing (included with residential home inspection at no extra charge)

Thermal Imaging pricing is as follows (taxes included based on market values below):

Single Dwelling (without home inspection)

up to 3,999 sqft $450.00
4,000-4,999 sqft $600.00
5,000-7,999 sqft $800.00
8,000-10,000 sqft $1,000.00
10,000+ sqft $1,500.00

Multi-Unit (without home inspection)

Duplex $550.00
Duplex with Inlaw $600.00
Triplex $650.00
Triplex with Inlaw $700.00
Fourplex $700.00
Fourplex with Inlaw $750.00
Fiveplex $800.00

Please note
: Outlying areas up to and including Manitoulin Island, Elliott Lake, Parry Sound, Cartier and North Bay require an additional $250 surcharge.

We Serve Sault St. Marie, Timmins, Muskokas/ Parry Sound, French River, North Bay, Elliott Lake, Manitoulin Island.

Single family dwelling with a legal or legal non-conforming in-law suite is subject to an additional $50 surcharge.

Please be advised that full payment is due and a pre-inspection agreement form must be signed, submitted prior to commencing inspection and in advance to book your particular slot as our services are on a first come first serve basis.