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What we can do for you

Purchasing a house will be the largest financial and most significant investment you will make. There is no "money back guarantee or return policy" associated if you are not satisfied with the condition of your home.

It is an essential and significantly important when buying a home to ensure that your "Agreement of Purchase/Sale" is conditional upon receiving a satisfactory inspection and report from a certified inspector.


Should you have concern of mould or air quality due to unpleasant aroma or health concerns, please take a moment to review our air quality and mould testing section.


If you require a Property Condition Assessement, please review our commercial property inspection section for further details.


What you get in a nutshell

  • Our post inspection will provide a comprehensive written, pictorial and chronological report on any potentially dangerous, safety and costly problems associated with the home.

    Your post-inspection will provide you with the tools necessary to make an unbiased and an informed decision.

  • Once you have moved in, we offer a follow-up inspection should issues arise, at no extra charge to you.

  • It is essential that our clients are 100% satisfied as we depend on your referrals, the vital success to our business.

Download Sample Report

Please take a moment to download and review our sample report below to better understand what you can expect from our home inspection report for your property.


Download Standards of Practice

Please take a moment to download and review our Standards of Practice below to better understand the standardized and proven processes by which we perform our services.