Indoor Air Quality and Radon Testing

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 Mould Inspections & Indoor Air Quality Testing  

Mould Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing is conducted when our clients have a concern or suspicion of mould in the home.  Sometimes mould is discovered during a standard Home Inspection. Mould Inspections entail a thorough examination of the property's interior and exterior to identify entry points for moisture intrusion into the home.  If we determine or suspect that there is a moisture problem in the home, Mould Testing & Indoor Air Quality Testing can be conducted to collect samples for laboratory testing and analysis.  Samples are analyzed for the presence of mould and the particular species to determine whether or not the mould may be toxic.


​​Laboratory results are obtained from EMSL located in Mississauga.


Laboratory Analysis includes the following types of testing:​


Air Sampling - Involves taking samples of the air inside and outside of the home.  A minimum of two samples are required for Indoor Air Quality Testing.  The first sample is taken outside of the home as a control sample to measure mould spores in the air that enters the home.  A second sample is taken in a common area of inside of the home for comparison to the outside air sample.  Lab results determine if mould spores inside the home are elevated in comparison to the outside air. Additionally, the outside air sample may indicate if there is a mould growth problem outside of the house which may affect the indoor air quality of the home. 


Wall Cavity Air Sampling - Involves testing for mould spores hidden inside wall cavities.  A tube is inserted into the drywall and an air sample is taken for laboratory analysis. 


Swab Testing for Mold - This type of sample is taken when mould is visible.  Mould that is visible may be particularly dangerous because it may be toxic and it can be touched by individuals and can end up on clothing and in the air.  The swab is analyzed for the type of mould or fungi that is visible.


Tape Lift Sampling - Mould can grow on various surfaces where swabbing may be more difficult.  A specially designed tape made for laboratory analysis is used to lift samples off certain surfaces and placed on a slide made for microscopes and placed in a sealed air-tight container for lab analysis.


Carpet Sampling - A vacuum sampler is used to collect samples from selected carpeted areas to determine if there is mould growth.  The specially designed cartridge is sent to the lab for analysis.


Lead and Asbestos Testing​ -  Samples can be analyzed to confirm if they contain lead or asbestos.

In many cases, mould may be concealed due to a lack of visible conditions, requiring a limited sample analysis (air sampling) as a precautionary measure.

Not all mould is hazardous to your health, however some forms of mould can be toxic and can have serious health consequences.  It is of vital importance to take precaution to limit exposure to mould in the home.  Health consequences include irritation of the lungs, various allergic reactions, problems with the eyes, skin and nose. 

​Mould also damages the home and property.  The longer mould is allowed to grow, the more it will damage your home.  Most mould problems can be fixed. Early detection is the key to avoiding costly future repairs and more importantly, protecting your health.

If you have concerns about mold or if you suspect there is mould in the home, a certified Mould Inspector can provide you with the results you need to know to protect your health and your biggest investment.  

 We offer two inspection/ sampling options:  A complete and limited.

A complete comprises of a thorough review of both the interior and exterior including the area of concern with samples to be submitted to a laboratory for analysis; whereas a limited comprises of sampling only at the area of concern for analysis.

Both services comprise of a written report issued to you upon our receiving the results from the lab.


Our mould inspection service is discreet and confidential.  You can rest assured that there will be no discomfort or embarrassment about the potential of neighbours or any other parties becoming aware of a suspected mould problem.   Your comfort and confidence in our service is a top priority for us.


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