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1) "I am thrilled to say after using Greg from HOME INSPECT SOLUTIONS INC, we are completely satisfied with not only the service  on the day of the inspection but his attention to detail and willingness to  answer all of our questions.  I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so".                                                 Mr. and Mrs Desforges

2) "Thanks a lot for your help Greg, I will definately recommended you to anyone looking for an inspection.  Thank you!"       Mr. Berton

3) "Hi Greg, This is greatly appreciated, thank you! Quite the bed time story".                                                                  Ms. Vendramin

4) "Very pleased with the home inspection and we will defiantly be using the report as a reference when we start doing some repairs.   Thanks for a great job!  "                                                                                                              Heather and Zack

5) "Thanks Greg. I cleared it up with insurance so we should be good to go".                                                                     Mrs. Teddy

6) "Thanks so much.  Likewise, it was a pleasure meeting you and thank you for showing me that my home is well insulated, as well as taking the time to explain certain things to me.  I will definitely recommend you when I hear of people looking for a home inspector!"                                                                                                                              Ms.Duguay

7) "Thanks Greg! You’ve been great! We will def. be sending referrals your way!"                                                                      Cole

8) "that's a pretty thorough job, im impressed, i have no time to do the maintenance but know handymen, plumbers and electricians so I should get by. thanks again".                                                                                                                Mr. Lamothe

9) " I have referred my brother to you for your home inspection services".                                                                                Ms. Rivard

10) "Your efficient report enabled be to renegotiate the house at a lesser price to reflect what you have uncovered during inspection. Thank you for accommodating me on such short notice. I would not hesitate to refer you to my friends and family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ms. Carriere

11) "Oh my gosh!! Thanks for the tips Greg.. Really appreciate your help"  Mrs. Lalonde

12) "Thank you HOME Inspect Solutions INC for providing insight and confidence in our new home! Greg was very thorough with his inspection, a wealth of knowledge and gave us a comprehensive report that I keep going back to when I'm looking for the next project to work on. The thermal imaging camera opened up the walls and ceiling and answered many questions regarding insulation, leaks and guided me for planned renovations. Keep up the good work!                                                                                             Mr. Yade

13) " your service speaks for itself "   Cheryl

14) "Astonished to see the Toronto news of a Real Estate Agent and Home Inspector "selling out" their client! Hope the agent gets sued too and they both loose their licenses, further on this report was home inspectors not getting referred by real estate agents because they are too thorough and kill deals. How do these people sleep at night?!! From the moment I met Greg Rheaume HOME Inspect Solutions INC. and talked to him about his business (from my Valley Home Show) I knew he was a person of integrity and experience in this field. Thank God he only had our backs on a home inspection we just had done, above and beyond! If you are buying a home and need an experienced inspector (that won't sell you out), I highly recommend his service and hope all the agents would refer him too!"   Ms. Shawna

15) "I was referred to Greg via my real estate agent, and hired him for a couple of inspections on homes I was interested in purchasing. Greg is very personable, and very knowledgable. He was thorough in his assessments, and explained things in a way I, a first time buyer with zero knowledge, could understand. When I had some difficulties after moving in, I contacted him to inquire about his recommendations, as he has years of experience, and he was a great help. He was a huge asset in my home search, and when I look to buy in the future, he will be my go to guy. I highly recommend him.   Ms. Palmurak

16) "it was obvious to me that Greg was exceptionally knowledgeable with regard to the services he offers at Home Inspect Solutions INC.I find Greg to be diligent, trustworthy and highly ethical"  Mr. McCool

17) "Greg was very informative, detailed, patient, professional and built trust in his abilities with ease".  Ms Forgio

18) "Great thanks Greg.  Thank you again for the hard work!"  Mr. Omair

19) " I have referred my brother to you for your home inspection services"  Ms. Rivard

20) "thank you very much for everything. We are not buying house but still looking for a new house and I will require your professional services very soon. thanks again"  Mr. Bozhyk

21)Thanks a lot Greg. Very detailed. very happy with it".    Mr. Duncan

22) "Thank you for this complete and detailed report. We really appreciated working with you".   Sophie and Jonathan

23) "Very nice reporting style and format. I work the QC department, so I appreciate that sort of thing".  Mr. Foucault
24) "Thank you very much for an excellent inspection.  It was extremely informative. Thank you for your due diligence. Excellent suggestions. Thanks again for being so helpful with this deal"  Mr. Sharan
25) "Thank you Greg and for your insight".  Mr. Pelkman
26) "Thank you for all your help".  Mr. Tuan
27) "Thank you very much for responding to my original complaint and having the backbone necessary to show up and fix it. Your parents raised you well! As a Dad and business owner, if you are modeling this kind of work ethic and sense of accountability to your children, our future is in good hands.  Thank you and have a great day!"     Ms.Denis
28) "Thanks Greg.  It was a pleasure working with you.  I found you to be very thorough and professional and will be happy to refer you if an opportunity comes up".   Ms. Lanktree
29) "Thanks Greg, it was a pleasure inspecting the house with you"  Mr. Richard  P.Eng
30) "Thank you for a very thorough and professional inspection. I feel relieved and confident with the purchase of the property you inspected.  I am aware of what I need to do to keep the house in good shape. You answered all my questions with ease and knowledge. I will not hesitate to refer your services to anyone".  Lise
31) "I would like to sincerely thank you for the indept inspection report. It was professionally prepared even more than we had expected. It is most helpful in the decisions we will make so please except our gratitude for an inspection beyond our expectations"    The Mayer's
32) "Thank you Greg for your service and thorough report. Nick and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to inform us, in detail of all your discoveries. We will be sure to offer our friends and family our recommendation for your business services".  The Zingers
33) "Thank you for the follow-up call Greg.  We’ve read through your report – very thorough, very clear to understand".  The Merritt's
34) "To be perfectly honest, I was happy to refer you to our client after speaking with you about a the home inspection report for Gutcher that you conducted...  Although the home inspection revealed flaws that the Buyer was not willing to accept, your ability to explain to us, the listing agents, the problems that you discovered with the property in a very thoughtful manner was very helpful.  Now the Sellers are able to fix the problems that your inspection uncovered. So thank you.  Tanya- Realtor
35) "Thank you, Greg, for your time and patience yesterday and for getting this report to us so quickly.  I'm very pleased with the professionalism you displayed and the thoroughness of your inspection and report.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a home inspection".   Ms. Reynolds
36) "Thanks for taking the time to provide us with a home inspection today".  Ms. White
37) "I wanted to let you know that (my)Greg thought you did a great job with the house inspection. He’s a pretty practical young guy (and a mechanical engineer!) so he has a reasonable sense of how things should work…he said “that guy knows his shit!” and was pleased that you were so thorough and detailed and comprehensive…my husband and I were also really impressed by what he told us about how you approach the inspection process.  We had no idea that it would be such a comprehensive procedure (even running the dishwasher through a whole cycle…excellent!)  In short, Greg was extremely happy with your service and the finished product (the report)…he also thought your customer service was great…  I was happy to refer you before but I am even more confident now …keep up the excellent work!   Mrs. Lakanen
38) "We used H.I.S. inc. for our prepurchase inspection,Mr. Rheaume was very thorough and professional during the inspection ,he has very good knowledge of all aspects of the home ,from plumbing to roofing Mr. Rheaume informed us of any possible defects that were visible and how to correct them. We are very happy we did the inspection with H.I.S., because we actually saved 3,000.00 on the purchace price with the information that we had from the inspection. Thanks Home Inspect Solutions for a job well done!"   The Dupuis'
39) "thank you very much for the work you did last night... I truly believe you went over and above with the inspection and I am quite satisfied with the recommendations you gave me... I have communicated with my agent, and expressed how satisfied I was with your work, so I am sure you will be receiving more calls from her, and for myself I will certainly keep you in mind should I know of anyone looking for an inspection".  Ms. Lapointe
40) "I am thrilled to say after using Greg from Home Inspect Solutions Inc.  we are completely satisfied with not only the service on the day of inspection but his attention to detail and willingness to answer all of our questions.  I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so".   Ray
41) "I've told a few people "I have a great inspection guy"......if any opportunities arise, I will pass along your info".          Mr. Onucki
42)Thanks so much for the follow up. Your service provided was prompt and exceptional. We will recommend you to any of our friends that require home inspections.  Thanks,    Janice and Alex
43) Thanks Greg for your prompt service.    Iam really impressed with your sense of urgency and professionalism.  Both Jelen and I are pleased with the report and have relieved some stress about our case.  We will both recommend you when your services come up.    Alan
44)  Thank you very much for taking the time to conduct a home inspection for Dawn-Ann and I. You were both very helpful and professional and we are glad that we chose you for this important part of our home purchase process.   Mr. Touchette
45) Thanks for your follow up.  Signs of a professional for sure. Very comprehensive report.  That will be helpful in allowing me a "go to" list for repairs etc.  Mr. kleven.
46)  Thanks Greg for the inspection! We are very happy with your work and would (and will!) recommend you if the opportunity should arise. We feel confident making this purchase and wish you a great year to come. Again, thank you so much!     Kevin and Krystal


47)  Hi Greg, Thank you so much for all of your help, tips and suggestions you offered to us and especially to our son.  Wes was definitely impressed by you and hoped that one day he would have as much knowledge as you have! And of course without a doubt an extremely informative inspection report. You are worth every penny and more! We all feel that we have made a friend through this scary process which you have definitely helped us deal with the unknown. It has been a pleasure to meet you and wish you all the luck in the world!    Nicole, John and my baby, Wesley! LOL


48)   The report was quite useful and gave us a few things to discuss.  They had not pulled permits on the basement renovations - but that wasn't a big concern for us.  I think the report was useful in that it provided a lot of good information that decreased the anxiety of going ahead with the purchase.Thanks again.  I would be very happy to recommend your work to anyone in need of a house inspection.            Dr. ROB


49) Thanks a lot for your help Greg, I will deffinately recommended you to anyone looking for an inspection.          Mr. Burton